Chickpea stew a la marinera

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Chickpea stew a la marinera

150 ‘

6 servings


180 kcal

How to make chickpea stew a la mariner. Today’s recipe has several features that will allow it to become fixed dish from your menu for the day. Chickpea stew can be accompanied by many things and until a few years ago I thought that they mostly had meat companions. Thanks to the hours of research that I had to make daily videos for TV and YouTube, I had to I found authentic delicacies among chickpea stews accompanied by fish and seafood. The most famous fish stew of all, without a doubt, is Vigil of the Secretwhich carries fever and spinach. Another option that I love and that I have posted on the web are Chickpeas with shrimp. A dish of Andalusian origin. The one I’m presenting today, let’s say it has both, because there are shrimp, but the correction is more similar to that of the awake soup.

As for meat, the most common I know is chorizo ​​and bacon, very common ingredients in La Rioja. But we will not stop there and I will tell you about a dish that I tried for the first time in Malaga and which left me great memories. The Chickpeas with tripe. I know that those of you who do not enjoy the insides, the recipe will not attract you much, but I assure you that its taste is incomparable. Other more common alternatives, although well known, are chickpeas with secrets and hot sauce, and chickpeas with pork trotters and ham. Both recipes are published in Family Kitchen. Another option I posted, although there is already a bit of what we know as sweat, is chickpea soup with Asian flavors for anyone who wants to try new things.

Ingredients for 6 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Boil chickpeas in a casserole

Before we start developing this chickpea stew, we will soak the legumes for a minimum of 12 hours (it is enough to put it the night before bed). After 12 hours we will put a casserole on the fire with chickpeas, peeled onions, bay leaf, a handful of salt and enough mineral water to cover them well, as seen in the photo. The total cooking time will be about 2 and a half hours on low heat.

Boil chickpeas in a casserole

2 – We start the sauce

The moment of preparation of the sauce will take into account that we need to add it when there is 20 minutes of cooking chickpeas. Put a pan on the fire with olive oil covering the bottom. When hot, we will add 1 minced onion, 4 cloves of garlic in the same way and a little salt. We will cook until the garlic starts to turn a little brown.

We start the sofrito

3 – Cook the flour in the sauce

At this point, we will discard a tablespoon of flour and stir quickly to combine it with the butter. When connected, we will add a jet of water and stir again.

Boil the flour in the sauce

4 – Add the seafood to the sauce

We will now add the peeled shrimp and mussels, including the broth that comes in the container (if you see that there is dirt with the naked eye, I recommend passing it through a strainer so that you do not find anything in the chickpeas). Stir a little and add a little chopped fresh parsley.

Add the seafood to the sauce

5 – We finish the marinade

To finish, we will wait for the shrimp to be fully cooked. We will check the salt spot and correct it if necessary.

We finished the marinade

6 – When there are 20 minutes until the chickpeas, add the sauce

When the chickpeas are cooked for about 20 minutes, we will add the whole sauce and gravy to the casserole. We will stir to integrate everything with the water and cover the casserole. About 20 minutes later we can remove it from the heat and wait another 10-15 minutes for it to rest.

When the chickpeas have 20 minutes, add the sauce

7 – We serve and enjoy

And that’s it, friends, we finished our marinade a la marinera stew. A recipe that I hope you will prepare very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. So I will see how you made one of my recipes and you will bring me great joy. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy


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