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Chicken Yakitori with Teriyaki sauce

Very simple to prepare a Japanese dish, which is also ideal for meetings with friends for a snack, where you want to add a hot dish, but without complications.


  • Four wooden skewers
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Onions
  • 2 chicken legs


  1. Dice the chicken thighs (clean and skinless) and pre-washed and dried onions.
  2. Cut a piece of chicken and one onion in succession on the wooden skewer until the length of the skewer is finished.
  3. Marinate the skewers in a bowl covered with teriyaki sauce (sold ready-made in oriental products stores)
  4. Grill or grill until the chicken is golden brown and cooked inside.
  5. Reduce the marianda sauce in a pan, pour the skewers with it. Serve with white rice.


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