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On April 26, chef Mario Batali and Turismo Madrid will present the Spanish gastronomic film “Chicken, Fish and King Crab” at the Del Posto restaurant in New York.

“Chicken, fish and king crab”, travels hand in hand with Tourism Madrid to the 7th Annual Tribeca New York Film Festival. The film is a satirical documentary about the adventure of Spanish chef Jesus Almagro in preparation for the Bocuse d’Or World Championships.

For this occasion, Turismo Madrid will present four of the best chefs in Madrid, who have a “Michelin star”, Pedro Larumbe, Alberto Chicote, Paco Ronsero and, of course, the star of the film, Jesus Almagro, chosen as the best chef In Spain. in 2006. The chefs will have the task of recreating a festive and competitive culinary experience, as shown in the film, through four separate kitchens, where each of the chefs will present an interactive demonstration of their cooking to guests at the Batali restaurant.

Also, all present will be able to enjoy the most exquisite Spanish wines and olive oil, brought directly from the Community of Madrid. To attend the special reception, you will be required to be on the guest list, thanks to the generosity of the sponsor, Tourism Madrid.

If you are in New York and want to attend this celebration, feel free to contact Kelly Brady, or Anne Watkins,, both from Lizzie Grubman Public Relations, + 1- 212 – 966-5000; They will do their best to invite you.

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