Chicken curry risotto

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Chicken curry risotto

60 ‘

5 servings


328 kcal

How to draw curry chicken risotto

You will learn today how to make a good chicken curry risotto. The risotto is a Italian recipe for cooking which contains a technique that must be well mastered in order for the plate to come out in good condition. It is not very difficult as it only requires perseverance and care.

Based on history of the origin of risottoI recommend you read it because it is quite curious, so I invite you to go through the recipe of Iberian ham and parmesan fish. I tell it in great detail there and you also have the video and the explanation of the recipe. This way you will already know how to make two risottos instead of one and thus have a larger repertoire than rice recipesas we are used to more Paella.

Ingredients for 5 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Prepare the chicken broth

We will start with the preparation of chicken broth in the GM pot by putting about 2 liters and a half of water in the bucket and then we put chicken body (that of the chicken mentioned in the ingredients), half the peeled onion and salt. We put the lid on, close the valve and start the “turbo” program with a time of 25 minutes.

Prepare the chicken broth

2 – Fry the garlic

When there are about 15 minutes to finish the broth, we will start making the sauce. For this purpose we will put on the fire a large pan (in my case a wok) or a casserole on the fire with olive oil covering the bottom. When it is hot we will put the garlic finely chopped.

Stew the garlic

3 – Cook the chicken and add the spices

As soon as the garlic starts to turn brown, we will add the chicken breasts, cut into cubes. When they are a little cooked, we will season them and when they are completely ready, we will add all the spices.

Cook the chicken and add the spices

4 – Pour the coconut milk

Stir well and after about 30 seconds we will pour the coconut milk. Mix well and add a little water. We will then let it reduce to a moderate heat.

Pouring out the coconut milk

5 – Add the rice

As we reduce, the broth is already done cooking, so we will have to open the valve carefully to reduce the pressure in the pan. When finished, we will remove the lid and put the rice in the chicken casserole along with a little salt.

Add the rice

6 – Add broth until it evaporates

The risotto technique consists of stirring slowly while adding the broth little by little. It’s not like in the paella that you put everything at once and cook. We add broth to the risotto, as the one we added before evaporates.

Add the broth until it evaporates

7 – Add the parmesan

After about 15 minutes add the broth and stir will add the grated Parmesan cheese. We integrate it well with the risotto and when it is, we will check the salt level, adding more if necessary.

Add the parmesan

8 – Wait for the rice to run out

Now we just have to wait for the rice to run out to turn it off. When it’s done, we’ll bring it to the table to eat as soon as possible, because if it gets too cold, the cheese will get too thick, losing its creaminess.

Wait for the rice to run out

9 – We have already finished the risotto with chicken curry

And that’s it, friends, we finished our risotto with chicken curry. I hope you prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. I will be very glad to see that you have made one of my recipes.

I say goodbye now, tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

We have already finished the risotto with chicken curry


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