Celestino Arribas cheese factory, with sheep’s milk only


Little by little, traditional handicrafts appear on supermarket shelves or in neighborhood shops, which previously could only be found on the farm itself and which, grouped under the Tierra de Sabor guarantee brand, have made a leap in the market.

A clear example are those obtained from sheep milkwhich have important advantages over the widespread use of cow’s milk and which makes them a great food to consider.

This milk has approximately twice the concentration of protein, fat and energy value higher than that of the cow. It also contains vitamins and plenty of minerals and trace elements.

Celestino Arribas - Dairy products with sheep's milk

These minerals are involved in the synthesis of hormones, in the digestion of food, in the proliferation of cells and in the body’s defense system.

Although its main problem has always been canning, as it has managed to pack and pasteurize, this inconvenience has been overcome, so it is only a matter of time before a hole is made in our refrigerators.

And not for less, Castilla y León manages the production of sheep milk. Obtaining them from indigenous breeds, by maintaining a production model based on traditional practices and the widespread use of pastures, whose natural wealth is of the first level and which are the basis of their diet, makes this type of milk and its derivatives excellent and differentiated taste.

A remarkable example of the above is the siren Celestino Aribas, located in Escalona del Prado (Segovia), which is regularly present in its stores in many shops in the capital of the aqueduct.

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This family business produces its products in a completely artisanal way sheep milk, introducing into the production process all the hygienic and sanitary advantages provided by the modern technology.

Its products range from traditional cheese to pastries, cottage cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. …, which are especially recommended for children due to their useful properties.

Maybe it’s time to put aside the miraculous dairy products that fill store shelves and start consuming regular foods that are better, healthier and more natural. sheep milk.


Now is your time.
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