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Christmas is approaching and, as is customary every year in many families, the usual dilemma arises: making dinner at home or booking a table at a hotel or restaurant. For the latter, a great option from Relais & Châteaux Hotel Orfila from Madrid.

Mario Sandoval, National Gastronomy Award and 2 Michelin stars, is the one who signs these delicious and irresistible menus to turn these moments into a luxurious and authentic gift, wrapped in the warm and refined atmosphere of his dining room, which was recently renovated by Lorenzo Castillo, which gives it an eclectic and sophisticated air.

Pigeon supreme with its stew, chestnut cream and mushrooms
Pigeon supreme with its stew, chestnut cream and mushrooms

The menus to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Year are created and prepared with the intention of entertaining our palate in a unique and magical environment such as El Jardín de Orfila Restaurant.

Two different menus for two unforgettable nights. These are the suggestions that Mario Sandoval has made to enjoy these magical dates in the most special way, when time seems to stop and more than ever we want to get together with family, to meet friends, to relax, to enjoy … Take brackets and immerse yourself completely in the charming atmosphere of lights, scents, gifts, Christmas trees and good resolutions.

Lobster tartar with chili oil and shallots, with lobster soup; Dried tomato jelly with tuna marinated in herbs and citrus fruits; Iberian pork, dried with roasted pickles and truffles from Aragon; Roasted sea bass, with candied crystal pepper, pink tomato and garlic chips; Duck breast with demiglas from own juice and mashed potatoes and citrus fruits; and almond cake and red fruit for dessert. This is the menu that Mario Sandoval has prepared for Christmas Eve at the Orfila Hotel. A menu that will be harmonized with some wines selected for the occasion, and whose price is 180 euros per person.

Seasonal mushroom stew with truffles and egg yolk
Seasonal mushroom stew with truffles and egg yolk

To celebrate the New Year, Mario Sandoval chooses a menu consisting of white shrimp with sherry juice at low temperature; Onion Txoco in its ink with crispy quinoa mushrooms and elves; Seasonal mushroom stew with truffle, mashed yolk and foie gras; Wild turbot with avocado, tomato and chili vinaigrette with Juliana de Tirabeques; Pigeon supreme with mashed stew and autumn mushrooms; and chocolate cake with marzipan.

Almond gato with quince ice cream and cheese
Almond gato with quince ice cream and cheese

A menu harmonized with various wines, such as Champagne Taittinger Rosé, Tinto Pago de Carraovejas or Vino Dulce Vi de Glass Gewürztraminer Gramona, among others. Besides Café and Mignardise, New Year’s party and drink. At a price of 280 euros per person.

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