Casas de Hualdo olive oil, the fruit of health


Casas de Hualdo is a very young oil factory, opened in 2009, located in the province of Toledo, which produces one of the best oils we have tried so far.

Extra virgin olive oil is an ingredient that cannot be absent from our daily diet. A product that, like everything related to our diet, the higher its quality, the better the tastes of the dishes will be for us.

As for choosing a good extra virgin olive oil, we can find a wide variety of bottles on the shelf of any supermarket or store in our neighborhood, although it is now possible to buy them online.

Olive oil Casas de Hualdo

This is the case with extra virgin olive oil. “Hualdo houses“. Product produced in the Casas de Hualdo oil mill located in the town of Carpio del Tajo, in the province of Toledo.

With a little more than four years of operation, this oil mill has achieved an incredible level of quality, which has been rewarded with the various awards given in the awards to which it has been awarded.

Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Manzanilla are the various mono-varietal oils sold by Casas de Hualdo, with the exception of two compartments – Reserva Familia and Partida Real. Some oils produced from olives collected from 300,000 olive trees that the oil factory has on its farm in Toledo, using traditional methods with the most modern techniques for obtaining “Liquid Gold” with exceptional organoleptic properties.

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In addition to premium extra virgin olive oil, Casas de Hualdo also sells its pistachios, grown with the same care and philosophy with which it makes its well-known oils: perfection at every step of production to offer the best product.

Both oils and pistachios are packaged. “Fruits of health“We can get this on the Casas de Hualdo website at a price of 34 euros.


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