Carlos Arguiñano will leave Telesinko for Antenna3


Chef Carlos Arguiñano can go to Antenna3.

Chef Carlos Arguiñano at Telecinco's 20th anniversary ceremony in Madrid (Gtres)

As we read in, chef Carlos Arguiñano could change Telecinco’s kitchens for those of Antenna3.

Although they are still in negotiations, the chain Telecinco I could accept the departure of Carlos Arguiñano to Antenna3. Although this will happen only after the summer.

The reason for his departure is that his contract with Telecinco is coming to an end and Antena3 has made a proposal for Carlos Arquignano which he seems to have failed to refuse.

As you well know, Carlos Arguiñano, in addition to being a chef, is also a great businessman, and some of his businesses include the Internet portal, as well as the production company Bainet, which makes programs such as Decogarden and Bricomanía.

If the transfer of Carlos Arguiñano become effective, Telecinco has the right of first refusal, these programs will also be broadcast in Channel Nova (TDT) of Grupo Planeta.

We will not know how the negotiations will develop, we will soon find out, the only thing we have is for sure Carlos Arguiñano is this, be in Telecinco or in Antenna3, both his great personality and his professionalism will remain intact.


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