Carafe of cauliflower, homemade recipe


Carafe of cauliflower, homemade recipe

Carafe of cauliflower, homemade recipe

Four five’

4 servings


PGI, protected geographical indication, this is the name of Calahorra cauliflower, which covers other surrounding municipalities, to be cauliflowers covered by this name, of course, they must meet a number of cultivation parameters to ensure product quality.

Approximately 25% of all cauliflower produced in Spain is produced in this area, using both the table product and the production of various canned food.

This is a vegetable with a very low calorie intake, so it is highly recommended for diets, as it provides a good dose of protein and vitamin C, and during the winter season it is refined, I hope you do not miss it …

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Ingredients for 4 people

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The first thing we will do is cook the cauliflower (in this area of ​​La Rioja Baja it is called “PELLA”, if you hear that expression, you already know what it refers to), put water in a saucepan and let it come to a boil, we add salt and spray vinegar. Important advice … “Add a good spray of white vinegar“We managed to avoid a good part of the bad smell that this vegetable produces when cooking, because you didn’t know so much @ s eeee.

    Step 1 of cauliflower gratin, homemade recipe

We will cut the flowers and add them to the boiling water, never put the vegetables in cold water, between 10 and 15 minutes later they will be cooked. We put it in a baking dish and cover everything with fine béchamel, which we will make separately.

To make the béchamel, we put olive oil in a saucepan, simply covering the bottom, unclip the meat cube while it heats up, cook the flour for a few seconds and add the milk. Without stopping to stir, boil the béchamel and without letting it rest, add to the cauliflower.

    Step 3 of cauliflower gratin, homemade recipe

For now, this is a recipe that any vegetarian can eat if we change the meat pill for something other than a vegetable one. But since there is no need to punish those who are not, we will enrich this a little …

With the grater on the fine side we will grate the boiled egg on top, we will add ham shavings and grated cheese to taste. Finally we grate it and it is ready to eat ….. Let’s enjoy

    Step 5 of cauliflower gratin, homemade recipe



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