Cappuccino ice cake


Cappuccino ice cake

Cappuccino ice cake

60 ‘

8 servings


Today in Family Kitchen with Javier Romero I present you a dessert for the summer, an ice cream cappuccino cake that will make summer birthdays a real feast for the palate. It even visually resembles a cappuccino, with coffee ice cream in the center and cream on top, simulating foam.

The ingredients that make up the base of the ice cream cappuccino cake are the same ones I used to make the chocolate chip cookies you can see CLICK HEREThat is why the amounts are so high in ingredients such as flour, butter, eggs or sugar. You can make the base with these amounts and what you need to make some good cookies. If you want to wait for the recipe to be published, you can wrap the dough in aluminum foil and store it in the refrigerator so that it keeps perfectly.

Other coffee cakes that you can make are some of the ones I posted on Family Kitchen that you can see by simply clicking on the title in blue.

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Ingredients for 8 people

Ingredient photo

We will start with the preparation of the dough for the chocolate cookies (SEE HERE) to put on the base. Once made and cooled, we will place a layer of about 7-8 mm on the base of the removable form, making sure that the edges are a little high so that no liquid leaks afterwards.

    Cappuccino ice cake step 1

Turn on the oven at 180 ° C with heating up and down and when it is hot we will put the cookie baking tin for 10 minutes. After this time we will take the form out of the oven and let it cool while we prepare the rest of the form.

    Cappuccino ice cake step 2

While it cools, we will prepare the coffee ice cream mixture. For this we will put in the bowl of our stirrer (SEE HERE) 500 ml cream (milk cream) and 150 g powdered sugar (glaze). We will start the shake on low speed so that the burnt sugar does not come out and spread everything, and then we will raise it to medium high to whip the cream. We should not install it excessively, because it will turn into oil and will not work for us.

    Cappuccino ice cake step 3

When the cream is ready, we will add the condensed milk and instant coffee and stir again at medium speed until we get a homogeneous mixture.

    Cappuccino, frozen cake Step 4

With the prepared mixture we will pour it into the mold and when the surface has settled, we will put the cake in the freezer long enough to harden completely.

    Cappuccino ice cake step 5

Once we get the hard ice cream from the coffee, we will beat the remaining cream with the powdered sugar. When we prepare it, we will take the form out of the freezer and with the help of a pastry bag we will put a layer of cream in small piles. Then we will put the cake in the freezer until the cream is completely hard.

    Cappuccino Matte Cake Step 6

When the cake is completely frozen, we will take it out again and sprinkle the top with cinnamon and crispy almonds to give it the final touch.

    Cappuccino, frozen cake Step 7

And that’s it, friends, we finished our iced cappuccino cake. If you are going to eat it on the spot, bring it to the table before it melts. Otherwise, store it in the freezer and it will keep perfectly there. Anyway, I hope you tell me the result on social media. I’m leaving now, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow in the next recipe, which I will publish here in Family Kitchen.

    Cappuccino ice cake step 8



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