Canal Cocina launches “Cold Evenings”

The premiere of Canal Cocina tomorrow, Tuesday, July 7 at 9.30 am, “Cold Evenings”, a new program that offers simple, impressive and full menus for summer nights.

The new kitchen space “Cold evenings“It will be presented by the chef from Madrid Rodrigo de la Calais, the selected one New Chef 2009 at the last meeting in Madrid Fusion.

On “Cold eveningsRodrigo prepares attractive menus for different occasions. Kitchen room Mexican, Italian or Japanese, evening tapas, cocktail with friends, gourmet or spicy dinner …

Each program will have a specific theme and menu, specially designed by this young chef. Among the many recipes of the program, recorded outdoors, we will find just as delicious dishes spicy ceviche,, Song meaning: Bloody Mary,, cold foie gras with apple and acids,, Tanaki from tuna with dried fruits and sprouts,, candy fondue or roasted pepper salad with red shrimp.

In the first program “Cocktail night for my friends“De la Calle will offer an exclusive menu made of original snacks to organize an impressive cocktail in our house. “Ajoblanco with smoked herring caviar, arugula and ginger “, “branded cod with tomato jam and croutons“Or”nicely marinated with teriyaki sauce“Some of their delicious offerings.

As you can see, Rodrigo de la Calais will share in this program his best ideas and some of his experience gained with the teachers of Andoni Luis Aduris and Martin Berasategui to learn how to enjoy the wonderful cold evenings without the inevitable problems of getting home.

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