Cake with orange glazed chocolate


Cake with orange glazed chocolate

Cake with orange glazed chocolate

90 ‘

8 servings


360 kcal

The Biscuits it has been known since time immemorial, obviously not as we know it. In fact, the word biscuit comes from the Latin bis-coctus, which means that it is cooked twice, so the duration was very long and was very suitable for the army, which spent long periods outside the places where bread could be made.

The arrival of the Arabs on the peninsula brought with them the knowledge of citrus fruits, so see if they attacked us, it was useful for something. Thanks to this, we know the sponge cake and they are the ingredients I use to present today’s recipe. That is why we, the Spaniards, are cooperating with the invasion of America, from where we brought cocoa.

We will enjoy cooking, decorating and tasting an orange cake with a chocolate coating, visually acceptable, to taste, luxury.

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Ingredients for 8 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We start by beating the eggs with the sugar

We start by placing the eggs with the sugar in the beating bowl and beating them for 5-7 minutes at maximum speed. As a result, we will get a mixture of light color, which has increased significantly.

We start by beating the eggs with the sugar

2 – Add the liquid ingredients

Then we will reduce the speed to medium intensity and add the butter, orange juice and strainer. We will not add an ingredient until the previous one is perfectly mixed.

Add the liquid ingredients

3 – Finish beating the dough with the powdered ingredients

Now we will reduce the speed to a minimum, mix the flour with the yeast and put it spoon by spoon while the mixer integrates everything. Once the mixture is ready, spray the form (or grease it with oil and sprinkle with flour) and pour the whole mixture inside.

We finish by breaking the dough with the powdered ingredients

4 – Bake the cake

Turn the oven to 160 degrees with heating up and down, and when it is hot put the cake for 55 minutes. After this time we take it out of the oven, prick it with a needle and if it comes out clean, we can take it out permanently.

Bake the cake

5 – Once you are done, let it cool

Wait for it to cool a bit to spill it and cool it completely before putting the chocolate coating on it.

Once you are done, leave to cool

6 – We prepare the chocolate coating

To make the chocolate coating, we will need a casserole and a metal bowl that fit together, so when you make baini-marie, the bowl is slightly immersed in the water. Put the water in the pot to heat, put the bowl in it and put the chocolate and butter.

We prepare the chocolate coating

7 – Bathe the cake with liquid chocolate

When they begin to melt, given that the water should not boil, stir until the two ingredients are completely melted and mixed. Wait for it to thicken a bit and pour it on top of the cake, which should be placed on a tray with a grid on the bottom so that the excess chocolate falls down and does not form a thick layer on the bottom.

We bathe the cake with liquid chocolate

8 – Once we are cold, we are ready to enjoy it

Once the topping is cold, we can put the cake in the fridge to make it even harder. And that’s it, friends, we finished our orange cake with chocolate, a dessert that can become the star of your snacks and snacks, as you can place it perfectly on your birthday. Just for today, I’ll see you tomorrow with the new post I’m going to do here, somewhere else, in Family Kitchen.

Once we are cold, we are ready to enjoy it

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I will see you on another recipe.
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