Cake with milk and butter

Cake with milk and butter

70 ‘

8 servings


320 kcal

How to make a cake with milk and butter. Who doesn’t like a good breakfast cake? I’m sure almost everyone would like it a piece of sponge cake accompanying morning coffee. That’s why I offer you this recipe for today, so you surprise at home with a delicious dessert that everyone can enjoy at snacks and snacks. You can also put it in breakfast for birthday and your guests will ask you for the recipe to make at home.

east homemade sponge cake with milk and butter, is the most basic of all. Therefore, does not contain added flavors, only the one provided by its main ingredients. This does not mean that it lacks grace, it is a spectacular cake. For this purpose I used blender machine, a Removable hoop shape with a diameter of 26 cm and the famous release spray. All this has its alternatives, but I just want to facilitate the process of making this cake and all that you do in the future.

Ingredients for 8 people

Ingredient photo

1 – We start shaking the ingredients

We will start by placing the eggs with the sugar in the bowl of our mixer. We will start the shake at high speed for 6-7 minutes until we get a whitish mixture that has increased a lot in size.

We start shaking the ingredients

2 – Add the liquid ingredients

At this point we will reduce the speed to low intensity and add the melted butter and milk, but we will not add one until the previous one is integrated.

Add the liquid ingredients

3 – Add the remaining ingredients

With the already integrated milk and butter we will reduce the speed to a minimum and add the flour mixed with the yeast tablespoon by tablespoon until everything is perfectly mixed with the dough.

Add the remaining ingredients

4 – Put the dough in the form

Now we will spray the form and throw the whole mixture inside. We will turn on the oven at 160ºC with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan.

We put the dough in the form

5 – Bake the butter cake

When it is hot, we will put the form and bake the cake for about 55 minutes. The time always depends on each oven and the thickness of the cake. After this time we will check if the cake is made by stabbing it with a long needle. If it comes out clean, we can definitely remove it.

Bake the butter cake

6 – Let the butter cake rest

All we have to do is wait for the cake to cool down a bit to spill it and make it completely so we can eat it.

Let the butter cake rest

7 – We just have to enjoy this delicious cake

So far, today’s prescription friends. I hope you will prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. This way I will see that you have made the cake and you will make me very happy. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

We just have to enjoy this delicious cake

8 – Natural cake with yogurt, very easy and fluffy cake

If you want to make an easy and very sponge cake, don’t miss the one I recommend … the mold is 40 x 30 cm, but you can make it in any shape. You should always fill in more than 3/4 of the form. Don’t miss it … To see the full recipe, you just need to click anywhere in this text.

Natural yogurt cake, very light and fluffy cake


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