Builders of sourdough or yeast


Some bakers prefer workers with sourdough or yeast, while others use fresh yeast for the best of both worlds – light textured fragrant bread.

Bread from Valladolid
Bread from Valladolid

Yeast or promoters of sourdough, called “mothers”, levan or bigas, have different shapes.

Although they all have the same function: to raise and flavor the bread dough.

But then every “master” baker has his preferences, as some of them spend years looking for the one that best suits their needs, and they tend to be quite specific in terms of the class used.

However, for us, the “home bakers”, it is a matter of trial and failure. Because failure encourages us to experiment and enjoy the different types of drivers we have.

Rye bread-6

The main types of impellers are three:

Naturally fermented:

They consist of soft or liquid and thick dough prepared with water and white, wholemeal or rye flour.


La Biga is an unsalted impeller made of soft dough with a small amount of bread yeast (5 g of yeast per 250 g of flour and 100 ml of water), which favors the fermentation of the dough.

This dough will need to rest for at least 12 hours to ripen. After this time, it should double or triple in size and then spread out.

Reserved weight:

Literally, table saved. When we have prepared dough that has risen and is crushed, we cut it into a piece, which we will keep in a plastic bag or a closed glass jar in the refrigerator. This “stored dough” will last us a week.

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This piece will serve as yeast or an impeller for the next time we make bread dough.

Keep in mind that to keep a piece of dough, it does not have to contain eggs or dairy products, because they would cause it to mold.

We need to know that all yeasts remain active around 26º C. If the temperature is low, they slow down and remain dormant, on the contrary, if they are high or mixed with too hot water, they can die.


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