Bosch TWK8611 kettle, design and practicality


The Bosch jug is a tool that can make cooking easier, even if we don’t recognize it …

Bosch TWK8611 electric kettle

The kettle has become popular in Spain in recent years. If initially this kitchen utensil was associated with the preparation of tea or infusions, in our country they knew how to give new applications for teapots.

Due to the rapid heating of the liquid inside and its large capacity (1.5 liters), in many homes it is used to boil water or broth, in those recipes in which food is introduced directly into very hot water. For example, it could be used to heat the rice broth prepared last night by part of the jury at MasterChef.

And is that it Bosch electric kettle is one of the “fixed” devices they have Candidates for MasterChef at your disposal. A product that is part of the Bosch Styline snack series and has won one of the most prestigious international design awards, Reddot International Design Award, where specialists in industrial design emphasized not only its modern lines, but also its technology and pleasant use.

The Bosch kettle used by Chef Remember that it was originally designed to heat infusion water, so there is a selector with four levels: 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C, depending on the “endurance” of the user to adapt the level of the water temperature to the ideal indications for the infusions we prepare or, why not, to prepare an immediate broth or soup, so recently required by the young sector, which does not have much desire to cook …

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