Bodegas Torres launches Natureo, a wine with almost no alcohol


Natureo, by Bodegas Torres, 0.5º white by Penedés with almost no alcohol.

Natureo, by Bodegas Torres

“The drink based on transactional wine”, Natureo (because by law, due to its low alcohol content, it cannot be considered a wine), is a white grape variety produced from Muscat (Alexandria Muscat), mainly from, from the vineyard of the Kan Goma manor

Produced with Muscat (Muscat) grapes, it followed a process of classic white wine production, harvesting the grapes in August and fermenting the must in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature to obtain an aromatic wine. The alcohol is then extracted using a technique called a “rotating conical column”.

Excellent as an aperitif, ideal for all types of fish, seafood and rice. Serve at 7-9ºC. Consume within a year.

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Tasting note
Pale yellow, very sharp. Rich and fresh, very floral aroma of green apples, peaches and citrus fruits. It tastes fresh and cheerful.

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