Blue tomato vaccines


The Institute of Molecular and Cellular Plant Biology (IBMCP) in Valencia has created therapeutically blue tomatoes, genetically modified, that serve to create vaccines, among other purposes, as they explained.

Blue tomatoes

IBMCP researcher Antonio Granel pointed out that transgenic tomato plants are “essential” to determine “what is the function of each gene in the formation of a quality fruit”, which, as he explained, “can adapt” to different conditions to one’s usual.

He claims that the science center “has achieved visually distinguishable tomatoes from conventional ones” and whose fruits have distinctive qualities such as a higher percentage of antioxidants, better taste and aroma, more vitamins (C and A) or no seeds.

Transgenic plants have also been created, which have a genetic origin that distinguishes them “easily” so that they “do not enter the food chain”, from rapeseed, tobacco, rice, cucumber, watermelon and ornamental plants such as geranium.

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