Black fire, pinchos and vignettes


A cookbook that tells recipes through comics?

According to its authors, Inigo Kojo and the brothers Edorta and Amaya Garcia Lamo, why not?

All his recipes are the fruit of comics and nothing better than a good drawing with his script to tell some of them.

The book “Black fire, pinchos and vignettesHe was born on the 6th to the 6th of 2006 at the hands of three artists, two in the kitchen, Edorta and Iñigo, and one of the pencils, Amaia García.

In the book we can find recipes for making a few shots or cups, salads, for making quick skewers, other more complex, but always with original and fun air, always starting with the most absolute respect for the product and tradition of Donostiarra pintxo .

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The creative freedom that this pair of chefs has has made them already identified as the new version in the culture of donostiarra shish, and at that time the fruits are so many and so good that they are even more convinced that it is worth fighting love and this is the philosophy with which they live it and want to pass it on to others: listen, watch and learn “.

Black fire, pinchos and vignettes:

Autores:  Iñigo Cojo Ayestaran, Edorta García Lamo y Amaia García Lamo.
ISBN: 978-84-441-2054-6
EAN: 9788444120546
Núm. páginas: 120
Formato: 21 x 21 cm.
Precio: 24,95 euros
Más información y venta: Editorial Everest


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