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The three kings will be guided by the smell of Roscon to the capital of Biscay, as the aroma of frozen fruit and orange water will permeate Nueva Square in Bilbao from noon on Friday, January 5.

roscon de reyes 8

Anyone who visits Bilbao’s Old Quarter on Friday will be able to try for free the so-called “biggest Roscon de Reyes” in the world, weighing 2,275 kilograms and colossal measures.

Not less than 20 meters long by 10 widths, making a perimeter of 60 meters.

Orio Pan used 1,780 kilograms of flour, 4,445 eggs, 245 kilograms of sugar, 245 butter, 155 fruits and 16 salts in its production.

About thirty people are doing their best these days so that everyone can try some of this delicacy.

In total, about 5,000 servings will be offered.

In addition, in order for the little ones to enjoy the tradition of looking for a surprise, Orio Pan introduced more than fifty gifts inside.

Those who find them will receive, among other things, scooters, “scalextrics”, consoles or karaoke.

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A real surprise for those who find it on their piece of luxury.

What they didn’t say was whether there would be more than one dried bean, that’s why they “pay” for such a juicy cake.

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