Berry foam, delicious recipe


We are on top of one of the most appetizing fruits of spring, the strawberry, perfect for making recipes like this Strawberry Foam.

Berry foam

Consumption of strawberries is a real pleasure or alone, or accompanied by whipped cream, yogurt, ice cream, sugar or just whipped with milk.

This time we have prepared a recipe for berry foam what we saw in Auro’s cooking blogwhich we found to be the easiest and most successful.

This recipe can be made at Thermomix or with a blender, as the main thing is to prepare a Meringue with egg whites and crushed strawberries.

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Berry foam

Berry foam

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Preparation of strawberry foam:

  1. In our case, we use Thermomix to make this recipe.

  2. But above all we have to wash, clean and cut the strawberries into quarters. Then we will freeze them.

  3. This operation can be done the day before or with five hours in the freezer will be more than enough.

  4. Put the strawberries with the sugar in the Thermomix cup. We program 40 seconds at speed 5.

  5. Place the butterfly and add the egg whites and orange juice. We program 3 minutes at a speed of 3 and a half.

  6. After making the strawberry foam, distribute it in cups or glasses and decorate with slices of natural strawberries and mint leaves.

Preparation with a blender:

  1. Beat the egg whites with the sugar until you get a thick meringue.

  2. Crush the strawberries with the orange juice and mix it with the meringue.

Recipe notes

I bought the egg whites I used to make this dessert at Mercadona. This is a jar of pasteurized egg white, which is located in the refrigerated area next to the milk and has a capacity of 9 egg whites (more or less 1 euro). If you do not want to use white, you can replace it with natural yogurt by following the same steps. Without “wanting” we got a small cup hidden in the fridge and the next day it had such a consistency that it looked like “strawberry mousse”.


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