Beefeater 24, a new and exquisite gin

Beefeater 24 is the so-called “super-premium” gin.

Beefeater has launched a new and sophisticated gin on the Spanish market, Beefeater 24, which subtly reinterprets its own origins, taking as its essence the heart of distillation.

[alert type=white ] The ingredients for making this new gin are based on brandy made from Sencha tea from Japan, Chinese green tea and grapefruit skin, which together with the traditional citrus fruits in the original Beefeater recipe, such as Spanish lemons and oranges, contribute to the whole set. after marinating for 24 hours, an impressive touch.[/alert]

It is these 24 hours that the ingredients are macerated (more than three times more than that of a normal gin), which give name to this new expression of the traditional “London dry ginAnd make it the only gin that devotes so many hours to the maceration process and is not only responsible for it. Beefeater 24 has a harmonious and delicate aroma, balanced thanks to 45º of its essence.

But not only gin is special, because to preserve this intricate creation, a bottle has been designed that strives for exclusivity and provocation, playing with small details of the wonderful heritage of Beefeater.

On one side is the “ruby” that lies at the bottom of the bottle, a detail reminiscent of the original British jewel with a crown (Ballas ruby), jealously guarded in the Tower of London by its own guardians or Beefeaters.

Beefeater 24, super-premium gin

On the other hand, the flowers carved on the outside were inspired by the traditional jugs used to serve gin to the English royal family in the 20th century. Then we can see and play of colors, dark blue and red, which is used in the image of Beefeater 24, from the color of the daily uniforms of the Guardians of the Tower.

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Finally, a small crow, visible only through a circle carved on the bottle, in homage to the legendary crows guarding the Beaufort, the Tower of London.

A Geneva since you don’t see anything ordinary and as such, if you want to try it, you will have to visit the most exceptional places in your city this fall.

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