Beef stew with beer

Beef stew with beer

180 ‘

6 servings


275 kcal

Beef stew with beer

For today’s recipe I have prepared a delicious beer stew with its vegetables and mushrooms, which will delight your daily meals. Beef gives a special taste and texture to the broths, so I recommend adding beef stew to your recipe book. I know that meat is not as cheap as chicken or pork, but the price also depends on the part of the beef we will use. In this case we will prepare zancarron, which is one of the cheapest beef parts. Then the vegetables are available to almost everyone and the mushrooms, you can put the normal ones instead of the shiitake I put. Another feature of this stew is that I used beer to prepare the meat instead of water. Quiet because of the alcohol, because everything evaporates when cooked, so children can eat it too.

Maybe beef is used less often in homes than others, and for this reason I want to show you its great flexibility by showing you beef recipes that I posted in Family Kitchen. I want to start with a recipe that is one of my favorites. I’m talking about nothing more and nothing less than Frikando. Traditional Catalan stew, which is even used to make sandwiches. Then we have a stew of cheeks with vegetableswhich is the same cut as today’s stew, but we use one of the most tender parts of beef, such as the cheek. Another part of beef that is also used in stews is the tongue. This can be annoying for some people, but for those who do not recommend it beef tongue in sauce. And to complete the stew section, you can’t miss some good meatballs. I want to recommend especially juicy, as the minced meat is mixed with crushed mushrooms. Yes, read well. I swear you are beef and mushroom meatballsThey are something from another world.

In addition to stews, you can prepare baked and other interesting recipes. It’s a classic baking round beefwhich in this case I accompanied with some mushrooms. This is a perfect barbecue for Christmas and other special occasions. If we talk about pieces of much-consumed beef, we can not forget the fillet. This is usually the star of the restaurant’s menus, along with some fish and steak. In this case I did a beef fillet with goose liver and pear compote. The mixture of flavors is impressive, although I’m one of those who think that a good fillet to the point, just with salt and some potatoes as a side dish, is the best way to prepare it. And to complete this compilation of beef recipes, I want you to know one of the most enjoyable discoveries I’ve made over the years in the world of online recipes: Milan to Neapolitan. For years it has been the main dish of New Year’s Eve. And then we start with the recipe that affects us today.

Ingredients for 6 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Cut and clean the meat

We start with slicing (if you haven’t bought the meat already cut) and flavoring the beef.

We cut and clean the meat

2 – We seal the meat

Then put oil covering the bottom of the pot in which we will make the stew and in which it is hot, add the meat and seal it.

We seal the meat

3 – Add garlic and onion

When we seal the veal, add the onion and garlic, cut into pieces and fry them with the meat.

Add garlic and onion

4 – Add the remaining ingredients

Shortly afterwards, add the peeled and chopped carrots and when the onion starts to become translucent, add the red pepper, also cut into pieces, along with a little salt. In which the vegetables are ready, put the fried tomatoes and rinse the pot with a little beer.

Add the remaining ingredients

5 – Add the beer

Now pour 3/4 of the beer into the stew and as soon as it starts to boil, put the fire with the right intensity so that it continues to boil slowly. We keep some of the beer in case it dries. Cover the casserole and let it cook, as the meat will take about 2 and a quarter hours to cook properly.

We add the beer

6 – Once the meat is cooked, add the mushrooms and peas

When the meat is cooked, add the sliced ​​mushrooms and peas along with a little salt, which will take very little.

Once the meat is cooked, add the mushrooms and peas

7 – We control the condition of the sauce

If you see that the broth is too liquid, you can put a little cornstarch dissolved in water to make it greasy.

We control the condition of the sauce

8 – After the stew, let it rest

When we prepare the stew, let it rest for 10-15 minutes with a covered pan so that it is finished.

After the stew, let it rest

9 – Now we can put the beef stew with beer on the table

And that’s friends. We finished our beer stew. I hope you prepare it very soon and upload the final photo to Instagram by mentioning my 55000 Recipes account. So I can share it in my profile either as a post or in stories. Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

We can now put our beer stew on the table


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