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Beatrice Sotelo, 27, a chef and co-owner of La Estación restaurant in Cambrai (A Coruña), was named last Thursday, March 13, the first woman to win the Chef of the Year competition, organized by the Caterdata group in collaboration with Martin Berasategui. which took place in Barcelona as part of the Alimentaria 2008 exhibition.

Eight chefs came to the grand final, representing the different areas of Spain. Earlier, Beatrice Sotelo and Braulio Garcia (his second) had won the finals in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. And they won the grand finale with a luxury menu.

Beatrice Sotelo’s menu consisted of a first course based on “pheasant and truffle cannelloni with sauteed seasonal mushrooms”, a second consisting of “Hale Celeiro with lemon peel and green peppers” and, for dessert, “Albariño cream with almonds and an apple ”.

A luxury that conquered the palate of the members of the jury, composed of Martin Berasategi himself, Jordi Cruz, Rafa Morales, May Hoffman, Adolfo Munoz, Fausto Airoldi, Oscar Teixido and Pepe Salmeron.

If it was already difficult to prepare a dish in less than five hours to capture the taste of the jury, the competitors had to present menus that do not exceed 13 euros per person.

Beatrice Sotelo returns to her award-winning restaurant. In addition to the satisfaction of being the first woman to win the Culinary of the Year competition, there are also prizes that are awarded to the winner. Among them is a special oven that makes the menus even better (worth 9,000 euros), as well as a check for 12,000 euros.

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From El Aderezzo we congratulate Beatrice and this is certainly not the last time we talk about you.

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