BCN Gourmet Futur 06, a program for gastronomic meetings

BCN GOURMET FUTUR is the name by which the program of gastronomic meetings organized within the BCN FUTUR fair, which will be held as part of the International Exhibition of the latest, from 23 to 26 November, the annual platform from which they start, will be known. innovation in more than 30 economic sectors.

Every day at BCN GOURMET revolves around a theme such as the evolution of Spanish cuisine, the explosion of national chefs and the world of wine, capable of attracting media attention and public opinion in general.

During these meetings, the public will have the opportunity to sit next to the protagonists of the best gastronomy from the profile of Santi Santamaria, Adria, Fermi Puig, Arola, May Hoffman or Joan Roca, among others, to understand their views on current culinary news and to discover their vision for the times to come.

There will also be for those who are interested in eating or a few dinners signed by prestigious figures on the current stage, such as Roman Fornel, Ramon Freisha, Xavier Peliser or Jordi Villa.
For more information and reservations or contact phone 93 263 81 10

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