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Summer is coming, the terraces, tinto de verano, Pic-Nic …

And of course, the sacred Sunday barbecues.

Well, to be the King of the grill, and in case you have to duel with your neighbor, for the sacred “fire”, nothing better than this “barbecue sword”.

Barbecue fox, barbecue sword (3)

A device that comes with a built-in mask so that the smoke does not get into your eyes, or to make the carnival among family and colleagues ?

This shiny barbecue accessory is actually a double slope between a Moorish skewer and a fork. It is made of stainless steel and with a non-slip handle to provide us with greater security when we turn the chorizo ​​on the grill and if so, it avoids us when we are mistaken, and you hit a neighbor with it, how will you wear the mask he won’t recognize you …

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Barbecue fox, barbecue sword (2)

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