Baked Brie cheese with a recipe for walnuts


I have to admit that because I love to cook, I start extracting all the recipes from the various publications I find wherever I go.

And as my mother says, “he who saves, has.” The other day, rummaging through my specific recipe book, I found this recipe from chef Martin Berasategi for the Sunday supplement.

east Brie cheese roasted with walnuts It is ideal to put as a whole as an appetizer and to taste with breadcrumbs or croutons. And the best part is that you can pre-prepare it and bake it while everyone is sitting at the table.

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Baked Brie cheese with walnuts

Baked Brie cheese with walnuts

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Time to prepare twenty minutes


  1. Carefully cut off the top cap of the brie cheese.

  2. Empty the contents of the cheese in a bowl, taking care not to break the rind.

  3. Add extra virgin olive oil, oregano along with walnuts, peeled and sliced.

  4. Mix with a fork and put it back in the body of the brie cheese.

  5. We meet the gratin (without removing it from the package, neither cardboard nor wood) in the oven for 5 minutes.

  6. We take out and taste the recipe for baked brie cheese with walnuts with a few picks, bread sticks, bread rolls or scolding.

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