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Karlos Arguiñano presents us on this occasion a delicious and light recipe: Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette, very easy to prepare, nutritious and extremely rich dish, try it and you will not regret it!

Ingredients (4 people):

  • 8 artichokes
  • 1 piece red pepper (1/8)
  • ½ a piece of green pepper
  • Ives onions
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 tablespoon wholemeal mustard
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • vinegar
  • Sol
  • parsley

Preparation of a recipe for artichoke with mustard for vinaigrette by Carlos Arginiano:

Heat generously Water on fast stove and add a few sprigs of parsley.

Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette

Clean up artichoke removal of outer sheets. Cut them tops and base of stemsand enter them in Cooking pot. Season, close the pot and cook for 4 minutes from the moment the valve rises. Remove artichoke from the pot and cut them in half.

Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette

Put it on honey and mustard in Bowl. Chop chives and garlic clove (peeled) into small cubes and add them to Bowl. Wash green pepper, cut it into cubes and add it. Peel paprika, cut it the same way and turn it on. Pour in a good stream of vinegar, a good amount of oil (150 ml) and salt (to taste). Mix well and book.

Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette

Serve 2 artichokes on each plate and accompany them with vinaigrette. Garnish the plates with a little parsley leaves.

Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette


Artichokes can be a dish on its own (grilled, tempura or stuffed) or as a side dish to meat or fish.

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