Argentine researchers create CLA Super Milk


Argentine scientists have introduced cow’s and goat’s milk, which can prevent the development of tumors and degenerative diseases, called “super milk” because of its beneficial properties.

CLA milk
Thanks to the special diet of cows and goats with oils and derivatives, researchers from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Balkars (INTA) and the National Institute of Dairy Industrial Technologies have obtained milk and dairy products with beneficial properties for consumer health.

These scientists achieved this healthier milk through the strategic feeding of cattle and goats, which involved supplementing the said feeding of animals with oilseeds, oils and / or derivatives of their extraction. This diet results in lower fat milk with its attenuated hypercholesterolemic fraction and higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) Y vaccine acid (cf.), two elements with broad antitumor, antiatherogenic and antidiabetic properties.

Although, as Gerardo Galliostro of the nutrition, metabolism and quality group of INTA Balcarce products points out, “these dairy products should not be seen as a medicine, but as a preventive measure that acts as another link in the context of healthy living habits“In addition to clarifying that this”This is another food that can help reduce the incidence of degenerative diseases in consumers“.

Various works published by the team INTA-INTI, have shown that these beneficial properties present in raw milk remain intact in pasteurized milk and its derivatives such as yoghurt or cheese, giving rise to natural functional dairy products without the need to add synthetic products to the milk.

For several years, scientists around the world have been working to increase the content of CLA and AV through natural remedies in ruminant foods, particularly interested in the potential antitumor and atheroprotective benefits, within a global market that has a growing trend towards consumers. that require a healthy and balanced diet.

Proof of this are the numerous functional dairy products that are on the shelves of supermarkets, milk with Omega 3, with antioxidants, fiber, anti-cholesterol, weight loss, to improve beauty, etc.

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Although this new functional milk, which has proven anti-tumor, anti-atherogenic and anti-diabetic properties, is not yet fully “legalized”. In the near future, they hope to agree on its commercialization with private companies.

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