Aranda de Duero Roast Lamb Conference 2015


The days of Aranda de Duero’s roast lamb will return next June. A few days when the lamb’s milk, baked in a wood-burning oven, will be the main character, along with the wines Ribera del Duero, lettuce Medina and Torta de Aranda.

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The Days of the Roasted Lamb by Aranda de Duero They return for another year, from June 1st to June 30th, to offer visitors various menus based on a lamb suckling roast in a wood-burning oven and its derivatives. All this harmonized with wines from the appellation of origin Ribera del Duero and accompanied by quality products such as lettuce from Medina and Torta de Aranda.

In this edition, a total of nine grills will participate in Aranda de Duero Roast Lamb Conference 2015. Some restaurants that will offer the opportunity to enjoy menus based on lamb suckling, baked in a wood oven, as well as some appetizers, also based on this unique ingredient of Arandina gastronomy.

These days are a true reflection of the culinary traditions that are liked by all types of palate. Authentic, unique and traditional dishes such as “Peppers stuffed with saffron boxes from Castile”, “Churro lamb cakes”, “Lamb trout with vegetable ratatouille and foie grains”, “Aranda black pudding on roasted peppers” or “Sweet small baskets” from Pedro Simenes ’lamb kidneys”, among others, are some of the suggestions we can try in them XV Conference on Roasted Lamb by Aranda de Duero.

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The grilled restaurants participating in this edition are: Asador de Aranda, Mesón El Cordero, Asador Casa Florencio, Mesón El Pastor, Asador El Lagar de Isilla, Finca los Rastrojos Restaurant, Aitana Restaurant, Asador Montermoso Restaurant and Asador El Ciprés.

And as in other editions, we always advise you that before contacting any participating restaurant in these XV Days of Roast Lamb in Aranda de Duero, it is advisable to book in advance.


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