Apples Val Venosta, the taste of nature


Due to its easy assimilation, the apple is among the fruits that can be consumed at any time of the day without difficulty. No matter which variety is chosen: the Val Venosta apple is a pleasure without regret.

More and more people are consuming five servings of fruits and vegetables in Spain. For a few, this consumption may seem excessive. On the contrary, if we take into account the WHO recommendation to have five meals a day, in particular two servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit.

Portion of fruit (140-150 raw and pure) is equal to 1 medium piece of fruit (kiwi, apple, orange, banana, grapefruit, etc.), 1 medium piece of melon, watermelon or pineapple, 1 glass of natural juice (without added sugar) or a few pieces of small fruit.

Apples Val Venosta, the taste of nature

Among these portions of fruit you can not miss any of the different varieties of apples that are available on the market. And not only because they can be easily brought to our workplace and tasted in the middle of the morning or afternoon, but also because of the many benefits it brings us. Five groups of antioxidants affect the human body. The ingredients of this miraculous fruit fight free radicals and fight aging, keep the skin young and reduce the risk of disease.

As we say, the apple is among the fruits that can be consumed at any time of the day without difficulty. It doesn’t matter which variety is chosen, although we always have one of the Manzana Val Venosta varieties in our closet.

Val Venosta

In addition to all the benefits that apples bring to our health, Apples Val Venosta has launched a competition consisting of a draw for 10 stays of two nights in the best parades in Spain.

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To participate in this action, we only need to buy five pieces of fruit, once we are done, we need to ask the person in charge of the fruit shop for a ticket, which must be filled in with our personal data and the five stickers corresponding to the purchased pieces. . From this point on, the fruit supplier will have to complete the ticket, identify himself as the seller and who will be responsible for receiving it to the company.

Val Venosta

Of all the tickets received by March 31, five will be selected and the two who bought the apples and sold them will receive a “Smart Box”, valid for a luxury stay, over the weekend, in one of the restaurants of Paradores network of de España .

As you can see, eating apples is very good for our health and, with a little luck, for our personal and emotional well-being. All this thanks to the apples Val Venosta, the taste of nature.


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