Apple pie, the easiest in the world


Apple pie, the easiest in the world

Apple pie, the easiest in the world

65 ‘

8 servings


250 kcal

How to make The easiest apple pie in the world. With this delicious and easy apple pie you will have a place to put your hands to succeed when you have birthday, family food of any kind or just because you like it. When I say that this is the easiest apple pie in the world, I am not exaggerating an iota.

The origin of Apple pie is unknown, probably from one of the European countries, where there was a tradition of making cakes with filling. We have data for the year 1390 in England where some similar cakes were made. From the 16th century onwards this recipe surrendered to the English colonies and reached the United States where from the seventeenth century it became very popularIt can be said that apple pie will be one of the most popular in the world, in the ranking of popularity will certainly be among the top five.

There are many types of apple pie, but the recipe I present is the simplest I know. A friend from the village named Lydia recommended it to me, it’s really very easy to do, once we do that, we’ll add degrees of difficulty. The quantities are adapted to the shape I used, which is a movable rectangular shape of 30×40 cm. If you make the cake in a smaller shape, you will always have to adjust the quantities proportionally.

Now I want to show you some of the apple cakes I posted on Family Kitchen so you can have variety in your recipe book. There are easier and a little more complicated, but you don’t have to worry about that, because they all have a video and a written explanation, so you don’t miss any details. I want to start with a recipe that I think is more classic apple pie. Take your shortcrust pastry, pastry cream, apple slices and jam topping. Then I have too its version with white chocolate, which simply consists in the preparation of white chocolate confectionery cream instead of the general. Following the structure of the classic apple pie, I did apple cheesecake. It has the same number of layers, but in this case it is a fusion between the cheesecake, which would be the biscuit base and the central part of the cheese, and a common apple pie, with the apple slices and the jam on top. For the final I have french apple pie. This one has more mushrooms and has apple cubes instead of slices. It is really easy to prepare and delicious.

Ingredients for 8 people

Ingredient photo

1 – Put the apple with other ingredients in the blender

We will start by placing kg of peeled, nuclear and sliced ​​apples, eggs, sugar and lipstick butter in a glass crusher. We will put the lid on and lubricate at a good speed.

Put the apple with other ingredients in the blender

2 – Add the condensed milk

When we have crushed everything, we will reduce the speed and add the condensed milk through the hole in the center of the lid. If it is not there, you will have to stop, add the condensed milk and beat again.

Add the condensed milk

3 – We make apple slices

Until the mixture is finished, we will peel and cut 3 apples, which we have reserved for decoration. What you see in the picture is a mandolin, which made this job much easier for me.

We make apple slices

4 – Include the other ingredients

Once we have made the mixture, we will have a bowl with the cream and cornstarch, which we will mix well before adding the mixture we have in the crusher.

We include the other ingredients

5 – Put the dough in the form

We will perfectly integrate all the components and then we will pour the whole mixture into a movable rectangular form with dimensions 30×40 cm, in which we will put the caught baking paper between the base and the wall, so that there are no leaks of dough.

We put the dough in the form

6 – Put the apple slices and bake

Now we will cover the entire surface of the cake with slices of apples mounted on top of each other for a better aesthetic effect and turn on the oven at 180ºC with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan, and when it is hot you will put the form and bake the for about 50 minutes. The time can vary depending on the oven and the thickness of the cake.

Put the apple slices and bake

7 – Before it cools, put the jam on top

After this time we will take the apple pie out of the oven and paint it with peach jam.

Before it cools, put the jam on top

8 – We prepare syrup for coloring the cake

When the cake is completely cold, we will prepare syrup in a saucepan by adding 4 tablespoons of sugar and a glass of water. We will dissolve the sugar and then let it thicken a bit. Once the syrup is done, we will disassemble the cake and paint the surface with it and leave it to cool.

We prepare syrup for coloring the cake

9 – We serve and enjoy

And that’s it, friends, we’ve finished our easiest apple pie in the world. I hope you prepare it very soon at home and upload the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my account 55000 Recipes. I will be very glad to see that you have made one of my recipes. Nothing more for today, more tomorrow and better here at Family Kitchen.

We serve and enjoy



Now is your time.
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