Apple pie and condensed milk


Apple pie and condensed milk

Apple pie and condensed milk

60 ‘

10 servings


295 kcal

How to make apple pie and condensed milk. Today I present to you this delicacy of apple and condensed milk in the form of a cake. I know very well that many, if not all, of the people who follow me love the good apple pie, and today you have one of the richest I’ve ever made. This is a perfect cake for a birthday or other celebration, as it is such a simple dessert, there is a high probability that everyone will like it. At the end of a meal with family or friends, this can be the perfect ending.

Throughout the recipe you will see that I use different utensils to make this cake. Among them I want to emphasize 2. On the one hand we have glass blender, in which we will perform the first steps of preparing the cake. This is a small device from the Taurus brand, which many of you will already know well enough about its quality and reliability. It is very useful to make this type of fruit desserts, in which we need to be well crushed. On the other hand, I used a to make the cake 26 cm removable hoop shape diameter brand Tescoma, a company that has been working with me for many years. This mold has something very characteristic at the base and that is that it has a protrusion like a gutter to collect the liquid from possible leaks and not to leave the oven like a christ. You can find both products in Family Kitchen online store. They may not be essential, but when it comes to baking, they will make your life much easier at a very reasonable price.

In another sense, as I said, I know forever that you love apple cakes, so I posted a lot of them on this website. It is one of the most loved and visited The easiest apple pie in the world. I think the name has something in common, but then it’s a reality. This is the easiest apple pie I have and know. Then I have confectionery classics like morning cake and cream with its broken table and the well-known one apple pies with puff pastry. I also posted a long time ago french apple piewhich I highly recommend you try. This is a real delight of sponge cake. Another apple pie I like the most I’ve posted is apple cheesecake. This cake is basically a cheesecake, which we then cover with apple and jam, just like we did in this one. To complete this compilation of apple cakes, I want to show you one that takes only half an hour to make. This is because I use store-bought pizza crust and roll pie on it. I like to call her Apple pie.

Ingredients for 10 people

Ingredient photo

1 – The first thing is to prepare and clean the apples

We started by processing, peeling and slicing 4 of the apples into small pieces. At the heart of apples today is a fairly common device. If you do not have one, then peel it as usual and after cutting the apple into wedges, cut off the heart of each one.

The first thing is to prepare and clean the apples

2 – Put some of the ingredients and break

Now we put the apple, eggs and sugar in our cup glass blender, and start shaking until everything is perfectly crushed.

Put some of the ingredients and break

3 – Add the remaining ingredients

With everything crushed, remove the stopper from the lid of the glass and pour all the condensed milk through the hole and then stir for another minute.

Add the remaining ingredients

4 – We finish the dough

At this stage, discard the entire contents of the jar in a large bowl and scrape well with a pastry tongue so that nothing remains in it. Now add the milk and mix it with the rest using a hand mixer.

We finish the dough

5 – Sift and break the flour

Then add the flour through a sieve to sift it and then mix it until it integrates into the dough.

Sift and break the flour

6 – Place the dough in a form of 26 cm Ø

It’s time to prepare spring pan before pouring the mixture. For this purpose we will disassemble the ring and with curiosity we will place the caught baking paper between the base and the sides of the form. In this way we will avoid possible leaks. Now pour the whole mixture into the mold.

We place the dough in the form of 26 cm Ø

7 – Place the apple on top

While preheating the oven to 180 сC with heating up and down WITHOUT a fan, peel, clean and cut the remaining 2 apples into thin slices. Then cover the top of the cake with these sheets, overlapping each other to cover the entire surface.

We put the apple on top

8 – Bake the apple pie

After we finish and the oven is hot, we put the cake and bake it for 45 minutes. Then, if you see that the apple is very white, you can grill it, although this suggests that you have to be very careful. When the apple is toasted, take it out and let it warm up a bit.

Bake the apple pie

9 – Decorate the apple pie

When the apple pie has hardened a bit, we will put a layer of apricot jam on top with a brush.

We decorate the apple pie

10 – Serve and enjoy the apple pie

And that’s it, friends, we finished our apple pie and condensed milk. I hope you prepare it very soon and post the final photo on Instagram, mentioning my 55000 Recipes account. So I’ll know you’ve uploaded it, whether it’s a post or a story, and I’ll be able to share it on my profile. Nothing else for today. Tomorrow more and better here in the Family Kitchen.

Serve and enjoy the apple pie



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