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Angel hair, cocoa, sea sorrel, cloves, pumpkin seeds, smoked rosemary

The sweetness of angel hair and the acid point of the sour leaf ensure the perfect balance; a dessert that strives to play with flavors and tastes.

Chef: Sergio Bastard

Sergio Bastard is one of those restless chefs who, true to their gastronomic vision and identity, do not stop in their desire to improve in all aspects of the offer of his restaurant.


  • Lemon tube
  • 320g eggs
  • For the cocoa cake
  • 20 g cloves
  • 100g of olive oil
  • For clove oil
  • Rosemary clone
  • 50g syrup at 30%
  • 300g pumpkin ?? Cider ??
  • For angel hair
  • 320g sugar
  • 400g butter
  • Other ingredients
  • Sea sorrel
  • For smokers
  • 40g pure cocoa powder. 0% sugar
  • 8g ground coffee
  • 2.5 g of salt
  • 16g instant coffee
  • 160g flour
  • 250g dark chocolate coating
  • Rosemary flower


For angel hair

  1. Boil the pumpkin for 30 minutes
  2. Remove the pulp, reserve the tubes and combine the pulp with the syrup already infused with cloves over low heat until the cumin strings loosen.

For clove oil

  1. Collect the ingredients, vacuum and leave in the freezer for three days.

For the cocoa cake

  1. Beat the eggs with the sugar. In the middle of the process, add the instant coffee and salt. continue beating until it emulsifies and the mixture turns white.
  2. Melt the butter with the chocolate and add to the shake. Keep fighting at a medium low speed.
  3. Immediately add the flour in the form of rain, pre-sifted and mixed with ground coffee and cocoa without stopping the mixer.
  4. Place in molds and bake at 185 ° C for 8-10 minutes.

For smokers

  1. Assemble the cake, with sea sorrel and angel hair.
  2. Put in the smoker with rosemary. Let’s smoke for 1 minute. If you don’t have a smoker, you can bake it in the oven by heating the rosemary sprigs until they start to give off aromas. In this case, the smoking time will be longer.


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