Andalusia, Traditional cuisine


We are at a time when gifts are a mandatory part of the Christmas celebration and this book “Andalusia, traditional cuisine” is a good idea

Andalusia, Traditional cuisine

An excellent and complete idea would be to be able to distribute recipes from other autonomous communities. That although they are known when we want to prepare a certain recipe, we do not know exactly what ingredients and in what quantities it contains.

In the form of a cookbook, Anna Maria Calera offers us a small tour of the gastronomy of Andalusia, with alphabetical order, clear and simple language, excellent photos of iconic products and typical Andalusian dishes.

Furthermore, Anna Maria Calera He explains clearly and concisely the ingredients and step by step the development of the preparation of each recipe.

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If you want to surprise every lover of the kitchen, give him this book, with more than a hundred recipes with homemade taste, cheap and simple.

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Andalusia. Traditional cuisine

Popular Andalusian cuisine can be divided into three major groups: seafood cuisine, farm cooking and mountain or animal cuisine. Kitchens, all of which are impossible to reduce to a simple description of identity, as they are all (and have been) influenced by neighboring counties, regions and autonomous communities. Infinite is the list of the most typical and popular dishes from each area, because Andalusia is much more than fried fish, gazpacho and gazpachulos, moragas with sardines, bienmesabe en sobrehúsa, caldillo e perros, salmorejo, omelette Sacromonte, blink, rabbit with gurulos rags from Úbeda, shrimp from Huelva, urta in sauce or pestino, polvorones and piononos from Santa Fe. The excellent products from the sea and the land offer us a rich, varied and fragrant gastronomy.

Written by: Anna Maria Calera

Published by: Everest

ISBN: 8444120170


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