Amber Caesaraugusta, wheat beer

Ámbar Caesaraugusta is the first beer in Spain made with wheat.

The new beer “Amber Caesarea“It is a tribute to Zaragoza, a city founded by the Romans 2,000 years ago, and whose civilization owes its name and great historical heritage to water.

Ámbar Caesaraugusta has only 5.2% alcohol and is made in three fermentations at different temperatures, the last in the bottle itself.

Its composition, according to the technical director and brewer of La Zaragozana Antonio Fumanal, is the result of a mixture of pale barley malt and round wheat with a touch of rice.

They present it to us in a beautiful bottle of 33 cl. it reminds us of old amphorae decorated with gold letters serographed with an image of an ancient Roman coin.

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We can have ‘Ámbar Caesaraugusta’ in our homes from next September.

We will free up space in the refrigerator when it goes on sale …

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