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The Hermitage house group launches its latest wine novelty, Altos de la Ermita.

Altos de la Hermita wine

It is red, made from the Monastrell, Tempranillo and Petit Verdot varieties and aged in French and American barrels for six months, DO Jumilla.

For now, everything is normal for a good broth. Now, if I tell you that it is not really wine, if it is not, a “wine product”?

Yes, this is a product made from wine, because by law it cannot be called wine.

And that is that “Altos de la Ermita” has less than half the alcohol levels of “normal” wine, 6.5º. That is why the winery calls this broth “wine with reduced alcohol content”.

It was developed thanks to a sophisticated method, a pioneer in the world, whose research dates back to 2005, when Casa de la Ermita together with the Universities of Murcia and Cartagena and CDTI (Center for Technological Research and Development) decided to launch this project. A method that starts from the very beginning, ie from the vine and the system for growing the varieties.

In this way, it is possible to harvest with a lower sugar content and therefore a lower potential alcohol content.

This is followed by a production process in which large changes in temperature are caused by inefficient yeasts in the conversion of sugars into alcohol and which have previously been selected by the winery. Eventually, a physical alcohol release system will achieve that the wine reaches half the level of normal (13% -14%).

The originality of Altos de la Ermita lies in the fact that as a product of only 6.5%, it maintains the quality and perception that fans have for “good wine”.

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The production of “Altos de la Ermitas” increases to 700,000 bottles at a price of 11 euros in stock.

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