Alejandro Suns, 2008 Rioja Prestige Award

“XIV Rioja Prestige Prize” was awarded to singer Alejandro Sanz.

The Rioja Prestige Award was established in 1994 by the Regulatory Board of the Rioja Qualified DO, with the intention of giving “official” recognition to people or institutions who, through their personal and professional performance, contribute to the maintenance and upliftment of culture and way of life, part of which is Rioja wine.

A pioneering initiative to identify wine with culture, in which the aim is to promote a positive public opinion on the cultural and gastronomic aspects that make wine healthy.

It is for all this that they provide “in recognition of his great artistic and professional career, as well as his status as an ‘ambassador’ of the values ​​of Spanish culture in the world and especially among young people,” to the singer Alejandro Sanz.

These awards were approved by an exclusive jury composed of Carmen Iglesias, Sabino Fernandez Campo, Antonio Mingote, Adrian Piera, Rafael Anson, Eduardo Arroyo and Juan Antonio Samaranch, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DOCa Rioja, Victor Paz.

The Rioja Prestige Award was given to such prominent figures as Federico Mayor of Zaragoza, Francisco J. Ayala, Mario Vargas Llosa, Eduardo Chilida, Teresa Zabel, Placido Domingo, Valentin Fuster, Isidoro Alvarez, Cristiobal ​​Halfter, Pedro Duke, Antonio Banderas, Carlos Sainz and Ana Patricia Botin.

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The XIV Rioja Prestige will be presented in Logroño on June 5 to Alejandro Sanz, at a ceremony to be held at the headquarters of the Regulatory Board.


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