“A Day in El Bully” translated into English

The book “A Day in El Bully” was presented by Ferran Adria in the United States, of course translated into English, “A Day in El Bully”.

Ferran Adria starts his tour in the United States, which we told you about a long time ago and which will take him through different countries and continents until next year.

Adrià’s gastronomic tour began last Thursday in New York with an exclusive presentation of the book “One day in El Bulli“At the Per Se restaurant, owned by chef Thomas Keller, a personal friend of Ferran’s. This presentation has been described by many media as “the culinary phenomenon of the year in New York.”

On Friday, the chef went to the Public Library, located in Bryant Park, to offer a conference at which they were the cream of the city of skyscrapers. A conference whose tickets sold out just seven minutes after they went on sale.

The weekend was also very busy. On Saturday the next conference “Food revolution“With his ‘colleague’ Anthony Bourdain, organized by the newspaper New York Times with Anthony Bourdain, in which Adria managed to attract the audience in his pocket with his special humor and his ability to explain some of his techniques in a simpler way than they actually are.

Today, the Catalan chef will move into the facilities of GOOGLE in San Francisco for an interview on the program “Authors on Google“A series that such important personalities as Paul Oster, Salman Rushdie, Noam Chomsky or George Soros have gone through.

As soon as they broadcast the interview on youtube, we will post it in El Aderezzo.

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One day in El Bulli (A Day in El Bulli), according to Ferran Adria, is a book that invites us to know the daily life of what is currently declared the best restaurant in the world for the third year in a row, El Bulli. After two years of photography, this work has been configured to explore and design the human quality that makes this spectacular culinary temple, the epicenter of world gastronomy, possible.

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