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Soups and creams

8 soups and creams to recover from excess
8 soups and creams to recover from excess

8 “new” soups and creams to start the year with different flavors. For lovers of the spoon and the recovery of the body from gastronomic excesses.

Tom yum goong, Thai shrimp soupTom yum goong, Thai shrimp soup
Kevin Patricio prepares Tom yun goong, a typical Thai soup made with shrimp and mushrooms and citronella broth, lime leaves, fish sauce and coconut milk.

Cream of carrots and turmeric with a crispy biscuitCream of carrots and turmeric with a crispy biscuit
Guty Carvajal makes a cream of carrots, yucca, onions, ginger and turmeric, accompanied by a crunchy biscuit, a vegan dish prepared with superfoods or superfoods.

Porusalda feverPorusalda fever
Amaya Urdangarin prepares a delicious recipe for Porusalda fever in the TV show Cocina Abierta.

Lentil cream with curryLentil cream with curry
Amaia Urdangarin prepares lentil cream, accompanied by sticks of puff pastry with cheese, a recipe specially created for children.

Sweet potato cream with hizki and cabbageSweet potato cream with hizki and cabbage
Zuhaitz Izarra prepares a sweet potato cream with hizki and cabbage, a roulette for macrobiotic recipes.

Macrobiotic gazpachoMacrobiotic gazpacho
Zuhaitz Izarra prepares a refreshing macrobiotic gazpacho with onions, beets and carrots and accompanies it with vegetables in gluten-free tempura.

Fish and vegetable soupFish and vegetable soup
Zuhaitz Izarra makes fish and vegetable soup, accompanied by cabbage leaves and pressed carrots, cucumbers and radishes, an easy-to-prepare macrobiotic recipe.

Miso soup with soba and tofuMiso soup with soba and tofu
Zuhaitz Izarra makes miso soup with soba noodles, tofu, mushrooms, seaweed and vegetables, a healthy recipe from macrobiotic cuisine.

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