5 desserts for Easter

5 desserts for Easter

Four five’

6 servings


360 kcal

5 homemade desserts for Easter. A selection of wonderful desserts which you can put on any occasion, but as we are on the dates we are in, we will take the opportunity to do some of them during these holidays. We have French toast,, a classic of Easter. I don’t think there is a site in Spain where no good French toast is made these days. Then we have Orange dough, a recipe that grandmothers always did and this anyone can do now, following step by step from my recipe. We will continue with some delicious ones profiteroles filled with confectionery cream. Some snacks that will make you cry. Then comes the turn of the very simple caramelized apple dumplings. A dessert that, when I made it at home, was so successful that the 12 or 15 I made, disappeared in minutes. And we will finish the work with a version of a traditional dessert like fried milk. Add cocoa powder and you will have fried chocolate,, dessert for special occasionsbecause it is quite caloric.

There is something that they have 4 out of 5 desserts which I present to you today. With the exception of profiteroles, other desserts they are made without an oven, so you won’t have to be aware of the times and others. Of course, don’t stop making profiteroles for this reason, because you can’t miss the opportunity to try them.

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As I mentioned in the presentation, we will start with the classic French toast. The traditional recipe for Easter dessert par excellence, although it may not be everywhere. Here in the area where I live, the Tories (or Raldils, as they are called in my city) are made of a dozen and don’t think they’re left because there’s nothing left. You can see the full recipe CLICK HERE.

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Now it’s time for another of the classics of traditional pastries. Donuts are one of those lifelong desserts that everyone likes, and I’m sure you have a little memory of some of the donuts your grandmother or mother made for you right now. I made them with orange, although aniseed is more famous. You can see the full recipe CLICK HERE.

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The next dessert is the only one you will need the oven for. These are the famous cream-filled profiteroles. Delicious snacks from France, which are now made in many ways. They are quite reminiscent of donuts, but in this case they are filled and spread on top with melted chocolate. You can see the full recipe CLICK HERE.

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The homemade dessert that follows is one of those that surprises with its simplicity, but also with how rich it is. We always think of salty dumplings, but by using the same dough to fill it with jam, you can get things as wonderful as these caramelized apple dumplings. You can see the full recipe CLICK HERE.

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And to complete this impressive selection of desserts, I present you a version of one of the classics of traditional pastries. Fried chocolate is basically milk fried with cocoa powder, but you won’t tell me that the name doesn’t attract attention. It is also based on a dessert by the great master Juan Marie Arzak, so we can only hope for something good from all this. You can see the full recipe CLICK HERE.

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