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3 Ingredient flour tortillas DO NOT DECOMPOSE! Always FRESH!

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Flour tortillas with 3 ingredients DO NOT HAPPEN! Always FRESH !: Presentation

With only 3 ingredients that you certainly have in your kitchen and in 15 minutes you will be ready for these perfect tortillas from flour for making sandwiches, synchronized, rolls or burritos. I’m giving you a trick to help keep them fresh for a few days, which I took from my friend Laura Lopez’s Instagram account. I encourage you to follow her because she has a beautiful account.

Take a look at these spring rolls with homemade dough and Chinese sweet and sour sauce, which will be ready in less than 5 minutes to dip buns without stopping.


Makes 12 tortillas

  • 200 g of wheat flour
  • 200 ml of water
  • Rosehip salt
  • Table flour and lubricating oil (optional)

Flour tortillas with 3 ingredients DO NOT HAPPEN! Always FRESH !: Video recipes

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3 Ingredient flour tortillas DO NOT DECOMPOSE! Always FRESH !: Preparation of the recipe

1.- Heat the water in a saucepan and add salt. Turn off the heat when the water starts to boil and add the flour at once. Remove the pan from the heat and stir well until the flour absorbs the water.

2.- Transfer the dough to the marble. Sprinkle a little flour on your work surface and pour the dough on top. Knead for three to four minutes until the dough is smooth without lumps of flour.

3.- Let the dough rest in a bowl and covered with a towel for ten or fifteen minutes.

4.- Divide the dough into equal parts. Put flour on the marble, turn the dough and spread the dough with your hands in a circle. Cut the circle into slices (see how I do it in the video) and you will get twelve slices.

5.- Form balls with each portion of dough and leave them on a floured surface.

6.- Shape them into an omelet. Spread the omelette with a floured rolling pin on the floured marble surface. You can make them thicker or thinner.

7.- To cook them, put a pan on the fire without anything or with a drop of oil. Place the tortillas in the pan and bake them on both sides. Leave them covered with a towel so that they do not dry out.

My tips for making these 3-ingredient flour tortillas:

You can give them a round shape or a slightly longer shape. I have prepared half of each class.

To store them, put them in a zippered bag and they will last a few days as freshly made.

The moment you eat them, put them back in the pan and you will see how crunchy they are.

We really like to eat them as synchronized, but you can prepare them in a thousand ways.

My recommendation:

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I will see you on another recipe.
David from 55000 Recipes

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