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A new competition for tapas and pinchos starts today in Arganda del Rey, Madrid.

1st route of Tapa in Arganda del Rey

The first edition of Tapa route, organized by Consistory Argandeño in collaboration with the Association of Southeast Hoteliers “El Páramo”, the Madrid Association of Restoration and Beer Companies Mahou, will be held in Madrid from today until next Sunday, July 19, at various locations in the municipality.

This first “Tapa route“It strives to spread among the residents the quality and variety of the gastronomic offer of Arganda del Rey. In addition, there will be a competition between the various participating establishments, whose best cover will be chosen by a popular vote and will be recognized with a commemorative prize.

With a price of two euros (pincho and beer) those wishing to participate in Tapa route, valid only for people over 18 years of age, they must hold the tasting exclusively in the establishments registered in the competition, and once the cover is worn out, they will vote in person (in the brochure or “route” that can be found in the participating establishments). ) according to the criteria “presence, quality, preparation and quantity” of the tapas tasted, with a score from 0 to 5. Once the result is marked and after paying for its consumption, the seal will be requested accreditation of the visit to the same place and voting.

After the participants have voted at least 5 covers from 5 different establishments and collected their respective stamps, they will cut the coupon with their vote on the dotted line and will deposit it in the ballot box, which will be in a visible place on the bar of the establishment.

To reward the participation of customers in the competition, lunch or dinner for 2 people will be raffled in one of the restaurants participating in the competition, selected by the winner and whose maximum amount will be 100 euros. As a second prize, many Mahou products will be distributed to all participants in the voting.

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If you don’t have a plan for this weekend, you already know that you can attend the first edition of Tapa route to Arganda del Rey. And if you don’t mind, you can tell us which of the tapas you tried in the contest you liked the most.

More info: Argand City Hall


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